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Stock Balancing Plan

Balance stock between store locations using Reorder Points/ Target Quantities.

Makes Inventory Management Easy

Allows you to balance inventory between locations, send excess from one location to another, and prioritize for shipping distance.

 Set Minimum Quantity Thresholds

Set a minimum amount of a product to send.  In many situations, it doesn't make sense to ship only one item. 

Affordable Pricing

$100 per month

+$25 per additional location

Demo Video


Calculate Transfer Requests

Uses Reorder Points/Target Quantity to calculate and make transfer requests, balancing stock between store locations.  Also has filters for vendors, items, and locations.

Prioritize Locations

This prioritizes closer locations to help keep shipping/transportation costs down.

Easily Send Excess

Send excess inventory from one location to another.

Set Minimum Quantity

You can set minimum quantity thresholds.  In many situations, it doesn't make sense to only ship one item.




per month

+ 25

per additional location




If you are not fully satisfied with our program after 30 Days we will refund your subscription fees*.


* Please note that data migration or other launch fees are not refundable.

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