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Auto Fulfillment Plans

Use Reorder Points/Target Quantities to calculate and make transfer requests.

Make Transfers Easy

Give a source, add some filters, then choose a schedule or run manually.  Transfers made are automatically added to Heartland Retail.

Easily Edit

You can go back into fulfillment plans and edit them to suit your needs.

Affordable Pricing

Only $100 per month

+$25 per additional location

Demo Video
RSR Auto Fulfillment Utility Demo

RSR Auto Fulfillment Utility Demo

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Automatic Transfer Requests

Uses Reorder Points or Target Quantity to calculate and make transfer requests from a source location, usually a warehouse or DC, to other locations. Can be scheduled to run automatically weekly, or run manually. 

No Overallocation

Plans will not be generated that will over allocate products from your warehouse or distribution center.


Build plans using filters on vendors, items, and location.  Our app can also filter custom fields.

Batch Pick

Convenient "Batch Pick" page allows the warehouse to easily pull items for multiple created transfer requests simultaneously.  Easily edit quantity of each item shipped from this page.

Auto Fulfillment Batch Pick.png

Auto Fulfillment Batch Pick page




per month

+ 25

per additional location




If you are not fully satisfied with our program after 30 Days we will refund your subscription fees*.


* Please note that data migration or other launch fees are not refundable.

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