Send hourly inventory updates to Locally to drive traffic to your stores.

Locally Integraion

Get Hourly Updates

Receive an hourly feed to a Locally FTP server for inventory.

Customize You Feed

Create filters on what to send to Locally to customize what you receive in your feed.

Affordable Pricing

Only $29 per month + $10 per additional Heartland Retail location.



Hourly Updates

Get an hourly feed to a Locally FTP server for inventory.  This supports multiple locations in one file.  Optionally, it can send pricing.

Location Filters

Filter which locations you want to send updated inventory on.

Item Filters

Create filters on what items to send to Locally based on Vendors, Department, Heartland Retail custom fields, or any other Heartland Retail item field.




per month

+ 10

per additional location




If you are not fully satisfied with our program after 30 Days we will refund your subscription fees*.


* Please note that data migration or other launch fees are not refundable.