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An easy way to connect separate Heartland Retail Accounts to one Corporate account.

Pool Information

Have a separate account for each store location?  Use Pipelines to pool those accounts' statistics into one Corporate account.

Selling Point

Brief Description

Selling Point

Brief Description

RSR Auto Fulfillment Utility Demo

RSR Auto Fulfillment Utility Demo

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Connect Heartland Retail Accounts

Have a chain of stores with separate Heartland Retail accounts for each location?  Connect those accounts with one corporate account with this App.

Create New Items and Vendors

Create new Items and Vendors for all Heartland Retail accounts linked to the corporate account.

See Store Performance

See how each store is performing by seeing the Heartland Retail retail information in one place.

Simple to Read

Each store location is labeled as a location in Heartland Retail.  Everything gets pushed to the corporate account so everything can be reported and tracked.



Data Isn't Changed

If there is bad data, that data stays bad when it gets pushed up to the Corporate account.

Only Universal Information

Whatever is universal across all locations is what you will be able to report on in the Corporate account.




per month

+ 25

per additional location




If you are not fully satisfied with our program after 30 Days we will refund your subscription fees*.


* Please note that data migration or other launch fees are not refundable. 

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