Ready Set Retail App Store

Inventory Management Suite

Save time and money with automatically calculated Reorder Points and Target Quantities.

Reorder Point Plans

Use Reorder Points/Target Quantities to calculate and make transfer requests.

Auto Fulfillment Plans

Balance stock between store locations using Reorder Points/ Target Quantities.

Stock Balancing Plans


A simple to understand and easy to use rewards tracking program that integrates directly with Heartland Retail.


Easy implementation of store credit for Heartland Retail. 

Store Credit

Upload Apps

A simple to understand and easy to use Grid Import App for Heartland Retail. 

Grid Import 

Upload an Excel file with your item number, original price, and current price, then select the date.

Scheduled Price Updates

Upload an Excel file that includes the transfer information and the transfer is done automatically.

Inventory Transfer Request

Edit inventory items in bulk!  Upload a file with the location, item number, quantity, and reason.

Inventory Adjustments


Send hourly inventory updates to Locally to drive traffic to your stores.

Locally Integration